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Mar. 10th, 2014


A helping hand

Hey, been awhile, everyone!

I'm posting today for a very special reason. There is a young woman fighting to free herself from an abusive home who has swallowed her pride and asked the internet to help. This young woman is not my friend. She is a stranger to me. However, she is not a stranger to my friends. She is the girl we all know that we can't understand why she doesn't just LEAVE.

For her, it's money. It's transportation restrictions. It's a dependency on the same people who emotionally assault her.

Shannon has a plan. She has a support system. She is successfully looking for work. All she needs is the funds to help her push off and get there.

A big donation is not necessary. Plenty of people have donated 5$. Seriously, no amount of giving is too little. Even if the donation may not seem like much, the warmth and willingness that people CARE will help keep her going. It is desperately brave for an emotional abuse victim to break the cycle and get out. Let her know.

Click below!


May. 4th, 2013


Standalone: When the Day Came

Title: When the Day Came
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Characters/Pairing: Arya, Sansa
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1800
Summary: A 'stranger' offers Sansa three names. (Warning: This contains spoilers beyond the TV series.)


It was after that a girl returned to Westeros.Collapse )

Apr. 7th, 2013



Title: Trust
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Characters/Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1600
Summary: B
efore there is sex, there's an introduction.

(For caitri: Kirk/McCoy, '50 Shades of Grey')


When Jim hauled himself out of bed an hour late and on the ripe side of unsanitary, he hadn't expected to make the penciled-in appointment he’d managed to flirt out of a cute middle-manager at the McCoy Medical headquartersCollapse )

Jul. 21st, 2012


Flying Protest

Title: Flying Protest
Characters: Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts, mentions Tony Stark
Word Count: 297
Summary: When Steve is told by his home owner's association that flags aren't permitted, Tony decides to step in on his behalf in proper Stark protest.

A/N: Gift for caitri


"He did try to buy the block, first."Collapse )

Nov. 14th, 2011


Affair in Blue: Part 1-5

Affair in Blue: Part 1-5
Rating: G-PG-13
Warnings: Incesty leanings
Pairings: Eventual Roger/Cythera/Jonathan
Summary: Roger was a man of great expectations, but he suffered a singular weakness for the forbidden. 

Notes: Written for treanz's 10 Malorie's Peak Prompts request.


Part One: Prompt #30 - Eyes


Part OneCollapse )


Part Two: Prompt #44 - Rejection


Part TwoCollapse )


Part Three: Prompt #47 - Forbidden


Part ThreeCollapse )


Part Four: Prompt #48 - Avoid


Part FourCollapse )


Part Five: Prompt #28 - Freedom


Part FiveCollapse )


Oct. 25th, 2011



Have you felt low on encouragement? Like your stories, art, and icons aren't being noticed by anyone? Has the fandom seemed to have come to a crawl?

You aren't alone. 

For many of the familiar faces for LJ DC, the lack of responses and comments on work has caused a general apathy about posting. There are thankfully new fans surfacing every day, but without proper encouragement, they aren't likely to stick around.

So, I decided to do my part - 

For everyone who sees this and feels they've been ignored lately or really needs an extra dose in the happiness gauge, comment here. I will review at least three articles of art, fanfiction, or other fandom related goodies. And I mean real reviews. As nice as 'Great Job!' is, I know the reviews that sit down and tell me what really made the difference are the ones that rev my engine.

All I ask is that you all pass it on. Feel free to copy and paste, to change the number of reviews to something you can manage, or just spend one day reading and reviewing the front page of Batfic or any other community.

There is so much love in this fandom. We just have to remember to share it. 


Heroines_Fest: When She Wore the Mask

Title: When She Wore the Mask
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,100~
Characters: Iris West, Jai West
Prompt: For heroines_fest Jai never becomes a hero, and that's cool because Irey needs a civilian scientist to help her with crime scenes. Who better than her brother?

Summary: Being a hero doesn't make her perfect, but today, Iris doesn't feel like much of a hero, either.

WARNINGS: Domestic abuse

When She Wore the MaskCollapse )

Oct. 3rd, 2011


Standalone: Hella Bar Talk

Title: Hella Bar Talk
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot/Castle crossover
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, Beckett, Castle, Ryan, Esposito
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2200
Summary: A drunk, a crime novelist, and a doctor walk into a precinct...

Hella Bar TalkCollapse )

Sep. 28th, 2011


Right Now Photo Meme

Photo and rest of meme under cut, because some people have a thing against my gloriously exausted face hogging their flist.Collapse )
Right Now!

Take a Photo (I know you have webcam):


Sep. 26th, 2011


Yet Another Meme Theft

Because I feel like being all connectedness with people without having time to do another fic meme, so instead, we peel back the layers of Griff's personal diary! ... Sorta.

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Yoinked from caitri


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